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About Me

My name is Feride, and I am a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Teacher and Crystal Healing Therapist.



I discovered yoga about 20 years ago when, in the midst of a corporate career, I was searching for ways to relax and become fit at the same time, and a way to re-energise having depleted my energise in my career. I don’t think that I am unusual in life experiences but something had to change; a better way of living? A more balanced life? Just something…

Then, I found my first yoga class. It was hard and physically demanding - at least to me at the time! A sauna soon took care of that! But something made go back to the class the following week, and as the weeks progressed, I realised that I was becoming more and more relaxed. I was always calm by nature, but this was on a different level. I noticed the changes in my body and I also noticed a change in me. I felt that I was dealing with every day life with more patience and had the ability to let go of hurtful things that people say and do. I still continue with yoga lessons. Today, I am happy to say that I am now a yoga teacher and so grateful to be able to teach yoga you all too.



But the journey did not end there. In 1998, I discovered Reiki and Crystal Healing. Being a natural empath, I am already aware of the emotions of those around me, sometimes to the point of feeling those emotions myself. As empaths see the world around us very differently from others. We can sense what others need emotionally; what they are feeling. After experiencing the wonderful benefits of reiki myself- holistic, subtle and yet powerful energies, Reiki seemed a natural way for me to help people in the same way too. Helping others to relax, to let go of negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, to bring a sense of inner calm, experiencing the many other wonderful benefits of this healing energy.

I am grateful to say that I am now a qualified Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, not only giving reiki treatments, but also, teaching reiki to those that wish to embark on their own self-healing journey, and those that wish to become practitioners themselves.


Crystal Healing

So my journey so far has now brought me to Crystal Healing. How inspiring those gems are and how wondering to be able to work with their beautiful energies. Restoring balance in the whole body, aligning chakras and bringing mind, body and spirit back into alignment. It’s wonderful to help release emotional wounds, to reduce stress and to calm a busy mind. It did wonders for me and I am happy to say that I am a Crystal Healing Therapist, sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

I am blessed to have met, trained and practiced with inspiring yoga teachers. I am grateful to have met and trained with wonderful Reiki Master and Crystal Healers. I am here today because of their help and confidence in me.

I offer you a safe space in which you can relax, breath and fined peace. Empowering you towards health, wisdom and love. I see the beauty within you. I listen to your needs. Together.

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7 months 2 weeks ago