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Wellness...the Holistic Way!

Many people ask me what it means to be holistic.  I can only answer from my own experience and what I like to teach my yoga students and also what I like to impart in my healing treatments.

I believe that the word ‘holistic’ means something that is ‘more than the sum of its parts’ – an intrinsic connection, if you like.  I believe that whether its yoga or any of the healing modalities, we should consider the person as a whole, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Over the past few decades, the work environment has been so stressful and demanding that the line between work and home has become very blurred, to the point that for many, there is no longer a home life.  The pandemic, whilst encouraged people to work from home, as lovely as it is, impacted our home life even more, as there was no longer a distinction between our work life and our home life.  It just became ‘life’. 

I believe that we need to re-think our way of life.  To commit wholeheartedly to work does not mean that we need to relinquish our home and family, and vice versa.   It is within us all to enhance our own holistic wellness, (and fortunately, some employers are also realising the importance of looking after the workforce).  But don’t wait for someone else to do this for you.  Do it for yourself!

Suppressed emotions can result in stress, anxiety or even depression and often, these will cause physical symptoms such as muscle tension and pain. This has been researched and proven. Physical and emotional trauma, if not released, can have the same effect on the body, manifesting in physical symptoms that we often do not relate back to the root cause. 

My yoga classes are very much holistic as I include asana movements that work with the breath, which helps energise the whole body, mind and spirit.  I also include pranayama and a meditation or guided relaxation in all classes, so that we can absorb the benefits of our practice and also take our insights, whether from the asana practice or meditation, into everyday life.  My classes are often based on themes, either relating to the physical practices or philosophy and I bring these into everyday life so that you can take your insights off mat when you are not at a yoga class.  This way, your wellness becomes part of your nature, your natural ability to live the best version of yourself.

As with reiki too.  A client may ask for treatment relating to a particular condition such as a hurt knee for example.  But I aim to deliver a holistic treatment where I consider not just the physical issue but also, the spiritual or emotional reason as to why the client is suffering the pain. 

Taking what we learning about ourselves, whether through healing modalities or through yoga, into our everyday lives, enhances what it means to be holistic - enhances what it means to be truly you.

This is why, for me, …..wellness is best in the holistic way.

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